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The ultimate goal of any business is to make profits. There is no need to start a business and run it at a loss. Business is not a charitable organization. A printing business is not an exception, and the business entrepreneur should be able to maximize the profits as much as possible. How does the 3d printers manufacturer able to make profits from their business?

The Use of Original Ink

The printers? manufacturer can make profits by ensuring that their printers only use original ink from themselves or authorized dealers. They make their printers be incompatible with the inks from other suppliers. The cartridges are customized to be usable only with the specific printers. This opinion or fact from the 3d printers? manufacturer is marketed so that the user gets it well. In some cases, it is true that when a certain type of ink is not used in a given printer, then the printer is on its way to permanent damage. In other cases, it is a marketing strategy to keep the buyer to themselves. They use this method to capture and maintain a client. A printer is an investment that an individual would not wish to waste by spoiling it and being on the road again to purchase another one. The buyer is convinced that if they use another type of ink apart from the recommended one, their printer will breakdown and if this happens before the warranty period is over, they are likely to lose out and may end up spending more.

The Settings of the Ink

The manufacturer may also set their printer in a mode that is likely to use more ink than the user may require per printing session. For example, a colored print consumes more ink than a black and white print. The manufacturer may set the printer to regularly reset itself to a regular mode of the colored one. The user, therefore, is hooked to keep on purchasing the inks and cartridges from them at regular intervals. The manufacturer, therefore, makes the printer have the colored mode as the default setting. The buyer therefore always has the budget of inks regularly. Before the user realizes this trick, they may have consumed more ink that may have cost more unlike if they would have noticed this and changed the settings. There is a provision for the printing settings to be changed. The manufacturer can hide this fact by defending themselves that it is the fault of the client for not having changed the original settings. The buyer needs to understand all the settings of the printer before they can start using it.

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